A Rewarding Investment of Time

Daniel Shults understands there’s a delicate balance to working in a demanding profession and the natural desire to live a happy and healthy life, but with a pragmatic approach it can be done.

“I try to keep work at work,” says Shults, an audit senior at LGC+D in Providence.

A native of New York, Shults began his accounting career in Connecticut and now lives in Warwick.  He and his wife Erica, whom he met at Quinnipiac University, relocated to her native Rhode Island in the summer of 2011 when he started at LGC+D.  “I remember it was during my Accounting 101 class that the core concepts – debits and credits, accounting regulations, financial reporting, etc. – just seemed to make sense to me,” he says. “It’s not the numbers that I love, but instead, the overall public accounting profession and the opportunity to work with my clients.”
Shults’ love for accounting is what got him involved in RISCPA.  It has been an investment of time that has provided a valuable return.  Soon after joining RISCPA, Shults became active in the RI Young Accountant Network (RIYAN) committee and has found it to be especially rewarding.

“RIYAN is a great committee that I have been involved with for a year now,” he said. “It has been a fantastic way to network with other young professionals. We strive to include professionals from other industries, such as banking, insurance, real estate, in all of our events, which range from traditional networking to charity and educational events.”

Networking can be a real boost, particularly for busy young accountants with much going on – at work and at home. Shults and his wife, for example, are awaiting the birth of their first child, and he is also busy studying for the CPA exam. Being able to balance his work life and his home life is very important to him.

“I am driven to excel in the workplace, but I want to keep my personal life in order as well,” he says. “I do my best to keep work at work, however, there are times I need to meet deadlines and work after hours or at home. When this happens, I try my best to plan for it ahead of time and always communicate this to my family so there are no surprises.”

As for preparing for the CPA exam, Shults does his best to adhere to a pre-arranged schedule.
“I do what works for me, which is setting aside two to three hours each night for the two-month period preceding an exam,” he says. “As always, life can create challenges and throw a wrench into your study plans, so it is important that I try to schedule each week beforehand to limit instances where I cannot study after work.”

Even early into his career, Shults understands the importance of mastering the work/life balancing act.
“I do believe it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of work,” he says. “When you are happy and healthy in your personal life, it shows in your attitude and quality of work in the workplace.”