Changing of the Guard May 2015

Well, that was quick. I learned a lot over the past eight years on the board and as an officer.  And I have a deep appreciation for the forefathers of the Society who laid out the succession plan leading to the Presidency.



A Bridge Between Work and Play Feb 2015

I’ve been trying to determine whether or not I have succeeded at structuring a work/life balance into my career over the past five years.  Usually, I would consider how many times I had played tennis the past week or if a new project at home had taken me away from the non-stop work emails, but now I have a different view.



President’s Message from Rome Nov 2014

I am composing this message from the 19th World Congress of Accountants in Rome, Italy. (I would have tweeted this, but since I only have one follower…).



It’s never too late to become a leader Aug 2014

(Steve Ursillo – Past President, was explaining all of the perks I would be getting when I became President.  I’m writing this article as I wait for the Society Limo to pick me up and take me to my first Board meeting.  This is great!)



A year of continued growth at RISCPA Apr 2014

Well, that was fast. Serving as RISCPA President this past year was a wonderful experience, from both a professional and personal perspective. It was also, thankfully, a very productive year one of real substance.



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