A Dynamic Profession No Doubt Nov 2012

There aren’t too many television shows with the protagonist as a CPA. Most of the lead roles are saved for the doctors, lawyers, and police. Our profession is seen as dull to many, but I would argue that our profession is more adequately described as dynamic. Membership Day and the role of the New Young Professional Network (NYPN) committee in the Gloria Gemma Foundation 5K Road Race are two recent reminders of that dynamism.



Ready To Get Started Aug 2012

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as this year’s RISCPA president. I look forward to continuing to work with an active core of dedicated members including our board, committee chairs, committee representatives, and volunteers that help make the numerous activities of the Society happen. 



An Incredible Honor and Terrific Year Apr 2012

To serve as President of the RISCPA for the past year has been an incredible honor. The year has flown by and I thank all of you for this unique opportunity.



A Busy Time for CPAs Jan 2012

Happy New Year!  As you know, January is often a busy month for CPAs. Those in public practice are gearing up for their most hectic time of year, while our educators are preparing for a new round of students. And for many industry members, they are putting the last touches on the current year budgets, while pushing to get the year-end financials finished.  



New, Member Centric Mission Statement Oct 2011

When I last wrote, I described the efforts being put forth by the Board of Directors to reformulate the Society’s mission statement at our annual retreat.  Since that time, I am pleased to report that the Board approved the following mission statement at a recent board meeting.



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