Resources around you

Like so many issues affecting our profession, the AICPA is a significant resource to turn to. The institute’s efforts in the (PCSPS) space offers some excellent turnkey tools for CPA firms highlighting the hottest topics facing CPA firms today.

Strategy & Planning

Practice Growth & Client Service

Human Capital (Human Resources)

Technical (Quality & Services Delivery)

Financial & Admin Operations

To identify the most significant challenges facing practitioners, PCPS conducts a biennial survey of firms of all sizes. The latest PCPS Top Issues Survey provides a look at the hot issues by firm size and directs you to resources to address those issues. In addition, the PCPS/ National MAP Survey offers a comprehensive overview of CPA firms’ management practices and provides in-depth benchmarking data your firm can use to develop a plan for shifting your firm to the next level. PCPS members get free access to comprehensive national and regional data. Firms that participate in the survey get personalized, comprehensive data in Excel and PDF formats.

Each month, PCPS provides one of its tools to RISCPA at no charge.  This resource is a part of a larger toolkit PCPS developed as a component of the AICPA’s Enhancing Audit Quality (EAQ) initiative. The initiative addresses quality challenges on a holistic, ongoing basis with the goal of improving audit performance. The PCPS Invigorates the Focus on Quality toolkit is packed with free resources to help your firm drive profitable, high quality engagements. A key component of the toolkit is a section containing proposal and profitability tools, designed to help

•firms stress their commitment to quality during the proposal process

•prospective clients evaluate firms based on quality service delivery, rather than just price

Explore this and other pricing and profitability resources in the toolkit to ensure your firm showcases its commitment to providing quality services and to remind potential clients that low cost should not overshadow value and audit quality.  All tools are in a format you can easily modify to fit your practice.

Visit RISCPA and see what toolkits we have available and then check back each month for a new and exciting tool.

If you are interested in putting the full supply of PCPS resources to work for you, join for only $35 per CPA annually. The maximum annual membership fee is $700 and everyone in your firm has access to PCPS resources.  If you’d like a closer look at the practice management resources available, send a note to PCPS to schedule your personalized tour.

Concluding my tenure as Chair, I’d like to thank my fellow Board members, RISCPA staffers and, most importantly, our wonderful member population. Our society today has most certainly come a long way providing true value added member services ranging from a strong advocacy posture, to premiere networking throughout the professional and business communities, to high quality education for both CPA’s and other business professionals. Thank you for your loyalty. It’s been a pleasure serving you.