State of the Profession

As Chairman of RISCPA’s Board, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many AICPA Council meetings in which many professional activities

at the national and international level are regularly discussed. Needless to say, it’s certainly an excellent way of staying well-informed of important accounting aspects.

On January 21st, in connection with our premiere Annual Networking Event, Tim Christen, AICPA Chairman, paid a visit to our Ocean State. As a preamble to our gala gathering, Tim presented the “State of the Profession.” His speech covered the conundrum over the decrease in students pursuing degrees in accounting. 

While there are several factors affecting this trend, such as the 150 hour requirement and firms placing more emphasis on the consultative side of the operation, Tim offered some suggestions on how the “environment drives the pathway.” Tim cited strong drivers for those interested in pursuing the CPA pedigree, i.e. employers recruiting on campus; specialized majors; and, a pro-CPA culture.  He also discussed the major factors motivating those students who sit for the exam, i.e., required at the workplace; employer paid; workplace encouragement and associated flexibility.

Tim applauded RISCPA for partaking in AICPA’s PCPS’ (Private Company Practice Section) through its Rotating Tool Program. This allows members a variety of relevant information, suggestions and tools on best practices. In all, an interesting an effective concept.

To gain a more thorough insight to Tim’s presentation, I encourage you to visit and follow the link to his presentation.