A View from the Chairman’s Desk….

Often gone unnoticed, the main role of RISCPA is advocacy.  Bob Mancini, our President, along with his staff and our outside government relations representative, David Preston of New Harbor Group, constantly monitor legislation on both a state wide and national level.  

Over the past two years, RISCPA has weighed in and reviewed many pieces of legislation. 

We have assisted the state legislature by testifying at hearings and providing general guidance to its members regarding taxation and business issues affecting Rhode Island CPA’s and businesses.  We also played a major role in increasing the Rhode Island estate tax exemption to $1,500,000 and removing the estate “cliff”.  We also provided information to the legislature regarding unitary state tax filings and reducing the corporate tax rate for C Corporations to seven percent.

In May, my immediate predecessor Jim Morrison, Bob Mancini and I were asked by the AICPA to meet with the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation regarding four issues.   1) The potential repeal of the cash basis of accounting and the negative impact it would have on Rhode Island businesses. 2) The need for the Internal Revenue Service to improve its response times in dealing with taxpayer phone calls and write in correspondence. 3) Workforce mobility issues especially regarding taxation of employees when they work in a nonresident states and 4) Making disaster relief a permanent part of the tax code instead of requiring Congressional approval every time there is a disaster.   We were fortunate to arrange and meet with both Senators Reed and Whitehouse and they were very interested to hear our thoughts and opinions on these matters.

So,  the next time you wonder what Bob Mancini and the Society staff is doing during the off season, you can bet that we are focused on representing Rhode Island CPA’s and businesses on advocacy issues.   If you would like to get involved in this process, RISCPA’s government relations committee is always looking for new members.  Please consider joining as your input would be greatly appreciated.