Changing of the Guard

Well, that was quick. I learned a lot over the past eight years on the board and as an officer.  And I have a deep appreciation for the forefathers of the Society who laid out the succession plan leading to the Presidency.

You have a chance to observe the many leaders who went before you, and you have time to offer new ideas within a group of peers who have the best interests of the Society at heart.  It’s a process that all members should be proud of because it serves you well.

The surprising result of this annual turnover of Presidents is a consistent vision of the long term good of the Society.  The evolution of demographics and the different needs of baby boomers, X/Y generation and millennials (did I forget anyone?) are a constant challenge.  How to meet these needs while still remaining true to the profession is a debate that takes much longer than one meeting.  It carries over from year to year.  And it keeps us from veering off the track with any one drastic move.

Still, we realize at times that some significant decisions must be made to keep our vision true.  The move to our new location.  The re-write of our bylaws.  The decision to overhaul our website.  The launch of the Center for Business Education.  All important decisions that your board helped the Society navigate this past year.

I am very honored and proud to have served this Society over the past year, and very lucky to have had such a talented board and staff to support me.

This is your Society,

Jim Morrison 

This is my first month as chairman of the Rhode Island Society of CPA’s, and following in Jim Morrison’s footsteps will be no easy task.  For many years the backbone of the Society has been a classroom based program to continue professional education (“CPE”). 

Although the CPE is still a big part of the Society, I want to highlight a few other opportunities that the Society offers its members.  
Advocacy- President, Bob Mancini and our outside lobbying firm constantly monitor all legislative issues facing Rhode Island CPA’s and businesses.  We have excellent relationships with the Rhode Island Congressional delegation, Governor’s office and the State House.  Our members can go to sleep each night knowing that their interests are being diligently represented.

Committees-The Society has 17 different committees on varying subjects, both technical and social related.  Committees are a great way for a CPA to strengthen their technical background, meet likeminded professionals and network. It was twenty years ago when I formed my own firm and joined the tax committee.  I have to admit it was one of the best decisions that I ever made as I was able to build relationships with a number of highly respected CPA’s. 
Web Based CPE- RISCPA has established relationships with the New York Society of CPA’s and Surgent McCoy to offer high quality Web based CPE at reasonable prices. To learn more, visit

Center for Business Education- The Society is now offering nontraditional seminars designed to reach a broad range of business professionals.  This allows Society members to expand their knowledge base alongside attorneys, bankers, business owners and other CPA’s.  We recently formed a relationship with URI’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA), and have planned 12 seminars to be held at RISCPA’s training facility, Atrion Education Center.

As you can see, RISCPA provides many opportunities for its members.  Please take a fresh look at the Society and take advantage of these opportunities.

Ken Andsager
RISCPA Board Chairman