A Bridge Between Work and Play

I’ve been trying to determine whether or not I have succeeded at structuring a work/life balance into my career over the past five years.  Usually, I would consider how many times I had played tennis the past week or if a new project at home had taken me away from the non-stop work emails, but now I have a different view.

I’ve realized that volunteering at the Society has really been a bridge between work and play - one foot still in the profession, but another foot outside of the office.
My service on the board of the Society and on AICPA committees spans over eight years.  You might question how I can consider this a work/life balance, but in a way, it’s the perfect getaway.  Participating in these committees allows me to exercise my forty year professional experience outside of the office.  Even more important, I get the opportunity to meet and network with many interesting and dedicated professionals.

I recommend all of our members volunteer for a Society committee of interest.  You never know where it might lead from a work/life balance concept, but it will surely give you an opportunity to get away from the office and network with accomplished professionals.

This year, we’ve incorporated a standard agenda line at each of our board meetings for the current chairs of our many committees to promote a discussion about current activities and the direction of each committee.  This conversation is beneficial to the chair in receiving answers to questions regarding their authority, but also to the board members in becoming more educated about a committees’ duties. 
In August, Jeff Wadovick educated us on the Government Relations Committee and how our PAC works to promote the Society’s legislative agenda.  We met with Scott DiChristofero of the Business and Industry Committee in November and discussed a strategy to induct more business and industry members into the Society.   In October, Bob Batchelor provided excellent insight as to how our Ethics Committee and the AICPA work closely together to monitor the profession.  And most recently, David Casten met with us at our Christmas board meeting to confirm the Committee’s focus on attracting students from our local colleges to the Society.

If you’re looking for some work/life balance, there is a so much to offer among our committees.  If interested, please contact Bob Mancini at or one of our many talented chairs to learn more.  They would love to have you join our team!
This is your Society,

Jim Morrison