It’s never too late to become a leader

(Steve Ursillo – Past President, was explaining all of the perks I would be getting when I became President.  I’m writing this article as I wait for the Society Limo to pick me up and take me to my first Board meeting.  This is great!)

Talk about a fast start to the year.  Bob Mancini and his staff have come out running and I’m just trying to keep up.  In June alone, the system integration of AM Net and Quickbooks was completed.  The move to our beautiful new facility was made in July without missing a beat.  And, thanks to our sponsors and attendees, another successful Charitable Golf Outing was held.  I credit the up-front training and energy of our staff and accountants for completing these projects on time.  Take a breath everyone!

Technically, the CPE season is already underway and the heavy season starts in September with a full slate of offerings.  Soon, we will publish the dates and times of our popular leadership classes.  These classes will refresh professionals already in management positions and provide valuable insight to members aspiring to reach higher levels.

Leadership and professional development skills are important for all employees to understand what an organization needs to be successful.  All employees should know how to build relationships and work together in teams.  Last year, I sent my own employees to the leadership classes and it made a huge difference in their confidence and professionalism.  Please take advantage of these offerings.
We all need our 40 hours of CPE and there are many alternatives to taking a class at the Rhode Island Society of CPAs, however, just one day at the Society fulfills 20% of your CPE requirements.  One day is infinitely more rewarding than eight separate “CPE on a stick” webinars.  Most importantly, the Society benefits from your participation as well!
Looking forward to seeing you all in class this fall!

Jim Morrison

(I’m still waiting for that limo driver to arrive.  I think I’m going to be late for my first Board meeting.  So much for that, Steve!)