Out of the Office and on the Road Nov 2012

Let’s be honest, most CPA’s do not roll into the office on something called a “Ninja” or a “street racer.” Rather, we envision them securely behind the wheels of a sturdier vehicle – or at least something with four wheels beneath them. Well, think again.



Slow and Steady Can Win the Race Aug 2012

David C. Morganelli, CPA is a partner at the Providence-based law firm, Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP and chairman of the firm’s Tax Group. He is also chairman of the RISCPAs Federal and State Tax Committee.



The Fabulous Flying CPA Apr 2012

Kristy Armstrong, of Charlestown RI, has a wonderful story. In fact, she has many wonderful stories that help define her.



Life Outside the Office Jan 2012

John J. Brough, Jr. is the director of business development for DiSanto, Priest & Co. He has over 30 years of experience concentrating in taxation and business advisory services for closely-held companies and high net worth individuals.



Life is Never a Straight Line Oct 2011

They say life is never a straight line -- that it’s more accurately described as a series of twists and turns. You can have your sights set on where you want to be, but the journey of getting there is what makes us who we are in life.



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