One-on-One with Mark Crevier

Mark Crevier is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Coastway Community Bank. Formerly, he has served as President and CEO of Kent Hospital, Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO of Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, and CFO of Care New England Health System.

WHAT COUNTS: As Chairman of the Board of Directors at Coastway, how do you feel about its conversion from a credit union to a bank?

MARK CREVIER: I know that I speak for the entire Coastway Board, as well as all of the employees, when I say that we are thrilled with our progress since converting from Coastway Credit Union to Coastway Community Bank last July. Our first year as a bank is shaping up to be a great success.

Now that our deposit insurance is provided by FDIC instead of NCUA, we are able to make many more commercial loans. This has enabled us to continue to be one of the leading small business lenders in Rhode Island. By becoming a community bank, Coastway has been able to do even more in this area than ever before. For the eight-month period that ended May 31, the SBA's Rhode Island Bank Rank Report shows that we have made over $14.7 million in SBA loans, and that we are the largest SBA lender in the state. This is good news for our members, as well as for the entire state, given the fact that small business growth is the main driver of job creation in R.I.

WC: What are your main goals for Coastway?

MC: Coastway's primary goal is to continue to provide Rhode Islanders with great service and access to credit – for consumers and small businesses – at the very best possible price. To accomplish this, we need to continue to grow in the same careful manner that has helped us to survive and thrive for so many years. We will do this by adding new branch locations, supplemented by the best technology that we can find, to enable us to deliver our products to customers.

In addition, our goal of continuing to be Rhode Island's premier small business lender is critical to our future success. Equally important is our ongoing commitment to the communities that we serve by the continued expansion of our volunteer programs, as well our support of the Coastway Cares foundation.

WC: What’s your involvement in RISCPA?

MC: In the beginning of my career, when I worked at KPMG (actually PMM & Co. way back then), I was involved with some of the committees at the society. Since leaving public accounting in 1986 to work in hospital administration, my main contact with the society has been making use of the various CPE programs that are offered. Over the years these continue to be excellent, and I have found them to be the best way to fulfill my annual CPE requirement.

WC: What skills or lessons from your career in hospital administration do you apply to your community involvement now?

MC: My main areas of community involvement are my work at Coastway and working with the College of Business at URI, both as a member of the Advisory Committee and as an Executive-In-Residence. My years in hospital administration drove home many points. Two of these were the fact that all organizations, for profit or non profit, need managers who are well-trained in the areas of finance and organizational management, and that in order for the citizens of Rhode Island to have adequate health insurance coverage, the state needs to have more companies with jobs that provide such coverage. Being involved at URI makes me very confident that we continue to educate the business leaders of tomorrow, and that they will be well-prepared to do the job that is needed in the future. Working with Coastway gives me confidence that small businesses will continue to grow in R.I., and that critical financing will be available to them to continue creating the types of jobs that will provide employees with health care coverage in the years to come.

WC: What do you do in your free time?

MC: In addition to spending time with our two adult children, my wife, Sandy, and I enjoy the winter months skiing in New Hampshire. The rest of the year is spent here in R.I., working around our home, boating and biking, and Sandy is out on the golf course as often as possible. I have taken up golf this year, but have a very long way to go before I ever come close to playing at her level!!!