One-on-One (…er…Three) with Andrew Hayes, Sharon Kennedy and Renee Wadovick.

There’s no right way to be a RISCPA member, and no time in one’s career that is more appropriate than any other. Membership in the Society benefits professionals at all levels, whether they’re just starting out, finishing up or somewhere in between.

For this membership-focused issue of “What Counts,” we are featuring three people with very different accounting careers for the somewhat mislabeled “One-on-One” section. Each of them cites slightly different reasons for being involved in RISCPA.

Sharon Kennedy


Kennedy is a partner at Piccerelli, Gilstein & Company, LLP.

What Counts: What is your role at P&G?

Sharon Kennedy: As a partner I am responsible for ensuring that our clients receive high-quality, technically accurate services. In order to achieve outstanding client service, a large part of my role at P&G is to help develop the technical and professional expertise of our less experienced staff members.

WC: What are your career goals for the future?

SK: I would like to continue to make an impact as a leader at P&G and to develop long-term professional relationships with others in the business community. I also hope to share my passion for the profession by being a resource or mentor for college students and new professionals as they enter the public accounting profession.

WC: How has RISCPA helped your professional life?

SK: As a young, newly licensed CPA, becoming a member of the Society seemed like a natural way to break into the profession. I joined committees to stay current on hot topics, meet other professionals and develop professional camaraderie. Serving as chairperson of a committee was a great way to develop leadership skills. It was not too stressful and not a tremendous time commitment. The skills I practiced as chairperson and through serving on the Board of Directors of the RISCPA helped me attain the confidence necessary to be a trusted professional advisor.


Renee Wadovick is the owner of Wadovick & Associates, LLC.

What Counts: Describe your role at Wadovick & Associates

Renee Wadovick: I work alone, except during tax season when I hire an intern from Salve. During the off-season, I work approximately 20 hours a week. Of course, during tax season I put in excess of 50 hours a week. My practice is predominately tax, so I am able to keep a flexible schedule in the off-season. (These hours will seem low to many accountants, but my husband is also a CPA and we have four children ranging in ages 8-16, so I really work a full-time job in North Kingstown and a part-time job in Newport.) My roles are many: receptionist, managing partner, bookkeeper, HR for some of my clients, tax adviser, tax preparer, tax reviewer, IT, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bill collector, tax researcher and custodian. I am sure I left out a few, but you get the idea.

WC: What are your career goals for the future?

RW: In the immediate future, I hope to continue my balance between my home life and my professional life, in that order. I do have dreams of hiring a secretary/bookkeeper, but that will not be realized until I can make a commitment to working full-time in Newport.

WC: How has RISCPA helped your professional life?

The Society is my source for almost all of my CPE. The large seminars held at the Marriott usually have interesting speakers and provide me with essential reference tools (tax updates). The smaller seminars held at the Society tend to be less formal and really allow for my colleagues to interact with each other during the seminar. Other CPAs will offer their insight or past experiences to a particular problem presented. This is always a great gauge for me, as I like to hear how others handle their tax issues. They both provide networking opportunities.

Andrew Hayes


Hayes is a senior accountant in the Audit Department at Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co.

What Counts: What is your role at KLR?

Andrew Hayes: I am actively involved in the planning, execution and completion of various audit and review engagements. I am the junior member of the firm's private equity task force and the firm's representative in RISCPA's NYPN group.

WC: What are your future career goals?

AH: I plan to further advance my career at KLR and contribute to the firm's continued success. I like going to work and what I do, and I hope to continue that trend.

WC: How does membership in the RISCPA help you professionally?

AH: It pulls its members together for their betterment as well as that of the profession. RISCPA is more than just a provider of CPE, it is a professional membership organization that caters to its members’ needs in a dedicated and active manner. It provides an invaluable resource in that it joins firms both large and small for networking and sharing of best practices. Compared with other organizations I have been a part of, it ranks at the top in terms of being a model for professional associations.