Jeff Allain Unites Entrepreneurial Spirit With Technical Accounting Expertise Aug 2016

“Accounting services for entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.” That’s the headline on Jeff Allain’s website for his business New Economy CPA, headquartered in Pawtucket.  “We do all the stuff you expect bean counters to do … But what we get really stoked about is working side by side with entrepreneurs. “



Tourism, hospitality add up for state’s economy Jun 2016

A native of Portsmouth, Alyson C. Adkins always knew that numbers were her strength, but it was only after taking a hiatus from full-time college that her career aspirations began to take focus. Night classes convinced her that she was right -- 



So much more than “swim and gym” Mar 2016

The YMCA was formed in 1844, in London, England, by a young drapery clerk, George Williams, and 11 other young men who shared his concern with the decadence and immorality of 19th-century London. 



Demand for behavioral health services remains constant Dec 2015

When we last visited with Scott DiChristofero, he explained how he has always appreciated the exactness of numbers. He fondly recalled being an 11-year-old calculating the all-important Little League batting average.



RI Commerce Corp. determined to help businesses grow Aug 2015

Lisa Lasky is as Rhode Island as they come. She grew up in Portsmouth and attended the University of Rhode Island, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and later, her MBA.



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