Surviving a Struggling Economy Jul 2011

The signs are everywhere. Just take your pick. If you are a by-the-numbers analytical type, take a look at Rhode Island’s monthly employment numbers, commercial and residential real estate prices, or municipal tax rates. If you are a visual type, check out the empty storefronts at the next strip mall you pass by.



Social Media, Done Right, Can Pay Big Dividends for Your Business Apr 2011

Never has it been so easy to tell your firm’s story. If having a virtual storefront that is your Web site isn’t enough, now social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help you connect to important communities in new ways.



Experts: Using Social Media as a Screening Tool for New Employees Raises Real Concerns Apr 2011

As social media becomes an important employee recruitment tool, many companies are also using those resources – coupled with search engines – to help “screen” job candidates.



Positive Outlook for Rhode Island Economy Jan 2011

When officials at TD Bank N.A., which operates in 12 states and Washington D.C., and is based in Portland, Maine, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, announced plans more than a year ago to enter the Rhode Island market, there was plenty of fodder for pessimists. After all, many existing banking players had been firmly established in a state with only a million people. Unemployment was at an all-time high.



What If There Were No RISCPA? Oct 2010

This edition of What Counts focuses on the concept of membership -- the benefits of partaking in all that RISCPA has to offer and the value in playing a contributing role in the profession's primary community.



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