The More They Learn, The Longer They Stay Nov 2012

Teknor Apex Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of plastic compounds with corporate offices in Pawtucket and close to 1,900 employees worldwide. It is one of the few New England manufacturers that continues to succeed in a new economic landscape. And one of the key ingredients to that success has been the company’s determined effort to retain its top talent.



In Distressed Economy, CPA Skill Sets in High Demand Aug 2012

Most dictionary definitions would suggest that to “collaborate” is to work together. Taken a step further, we would also suggest that collaboration often means working together for the good of something.



Mentoring Makes a Difference Apr 2012

No need to convince Renee C. Aloisio about the importance of mentoring programs. The Director of Internal Operations at Providence’s LGC&D LLP, says she likely would have left the firm and the accounting profession altogether if her mentors didn’t take an interest in her early career.



A Road to Success Exists for Many in Rhode Island Jan 2012

Anthony A. Botelho has a keen vision. And it’s not that he wears rose-colored glasses. As president of Smithfield-based Freedom National Bank, he must intimately understand the economic landscape around him. Admittedly, sometimes the view may not always be that positive. He sees rising unemployment numbers, lagging real estate prices, and he recognizes that retail sales have continued to sag as of late.



The Never-Ending Fight for Small Business Oct 2011

When Grafton “Cap” Willey, CPA, first heard the following quote, he thought it was witty. He thought it delivered an entirely appropriate message: “Small business – hugged in public, mugged in private.” It is attributed to Milt Stewart, who was the first U.S. Small Business Administration Chief Counsel of Advocacy, appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.



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