New Fiscal Year Brings Global Perspective, Expanded Networking, Technology Advances

The Society’s 2016-2017 fiscal year is well under way.  The year promises to be exciting.

First of all, on behalf of the Society, I want to welcome new Board members: Gerald Benson, Dan Bonnette, Erica Guatieri, and Paul Ragosta.

I believe that, as the Society moves into the twenty-first century, it is vital to have the input and wisdom from not only all areas of accounting but also from other professions.  I am extremely happy that the operating structure of the Society now allows us to take a global perspective on our profession.    The addition of attorney Paul Ragosta signals the first time the Society has had a non-CPA Board member. 

The Society exists because of and for the benefit of members.  Our goal is to provide all members with a return on both the monetary investment, such as dues, and the investment of time that the members make every year.  There are many ways that we expect the Society to reward the members’ loyalty and commitment.

We anticipate being active in the legislative process that affects the accounting profession.  President Bob Mancini and his staff will monitor the activities of the Rhode Island General Assembly and maintain a highly visible profile with the legislators to ensure that any issues impacting you, the members, will be addressed promptly and effectively.  

We also will offer a relevant and useful selection of CPE programs.  In developing our offerings, we have been cognizant of the diverse needs of our membership.  Programs will deal not only with the technical aspects of our profession but will also focus on leadership and management skills; our membership is now composed of professionals in public accounting, industry, education, financial services, law and banking. 

Curiosity is an underappreciated aspect of personal and professional interaction.  We will continue to offer networking events that will allow our members to interact with individuals from other professions.  Getting to know the members of other professions with whom we all work, and what they need to do their jobs, will help us build relationships based on good and valuable service. 

We live in an age of increasing demands but not necessarily an age of increasing revenues.  We are aware of our obligation to run a “tight ship.”  The Society has made substantial investments in technology.  Our goal in making this investment was to enhance member services as well as to run the Society’s operations efficiently.  We hope that this modernized operating system aids us as we offer new and improved affinity programs, specialized and relevant CPE programs and, in general, provide membership with timely and informative communications on a variety of topics.

We also believe that the Society will be helpful in the Peer Review Process.  The AICPA is in the process of modifying the structure of peer review and may be leaning toward regionalization of the process.  The Society is a founding member of New England Peer Review (NEPR), which has been a regional administrator of the AICPA program for many years and is noted for its excellence and efficiency.  We believe that we are well positioned to help with your peer review needs of the future.

In closing, I want to reiterate that the Society exists for you, the members.  Our staff and Board of Directors are always interested in knowing how we can better serve you.  Stay in touch and thanks for your support.

John Mathias

RISCPA Board Chair