Education and Events A Priority for Members Nov 2012

Fall is upon us and the RISCPA staff has been quite active with this year’s CPE season and two major Society happenings: Membership Day and the Fall Evening Networking Program.



Getting Ready for the Fall Season Aug 2012

Summer‘s here and between bits of vacation time, your RISCPA staff has been diligently tending to keep things on schedule for the upcoming CPE season. In my opinion, this year’s program does a superior job of combining both traditional CPE courses, with several innovative course offerings we are sure you will find appealing.



RISCPA Rolls Out the Red Carpet for its Members Apr 2012

It’s not a coincidence that the RISCPA Annual Meeting and Dinner falls just prior to the end of its fiscal year. It’s inherent in your Society’s by-laws. And while we slightly deviated from the “third Tuesday” rule this year, Wednesday, April 25th turned out to be an outstanding night for the program which was held at the Providence Marriott Hotel.



2012 Off to a Fast Start Jan 2012

Just days after Mother Nature dumped this year’s first major snowfall across the state, hundreds of business professionals descended upon the City of Providence for the RISCPA January business meeting and networking event.



Fall for Your Society Oct 2011

Now that the fall season is in full swing, the RISCPA is well underway with its CPE program. We appreciate your turning to the Society for your educational needs and we’d like to remind you that if you haven’t chosen your courses, please do so at this time, as the roster becomes a bit more crowded as we approach the end of the calendar year.



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