Summer is here and 40 Sharpe has been very busy

Summer is here and 40 Sharpe has been very busy. Here at RISCPA, we recently welcomed the start our new fiscal year (May 1st) as well as the new members of our award winning Board: Dan Bonnette, CPA; Jay Benson, CPA; Erica Guatieri, CPA and 

Paul Ragosta, Esq. These distinguished individuals will bring competence, commitment and camaraderie to their Board colleagues. On behalf of our staff, I’d like to congratulate Ken Andsager for his leadership and support and welcome John Mathias to the Chairman’s position.

I’m also pleased to report the promotion of Susan Breen to Director of Society Operations and Education. Now, in her fifth year, Susan has performed her duties admirably and has contributed to the Society’s success. Alongside staffers, Denise Jacobson and Ellen Decataldo, Susan has accomplished a great deal for our members.

We’re also pleased to welcome new part-time staff member, Donna Perry. Donna’s focus will be to support public affairs and development. She will bring a strong skill-set to our environment and is the perfect complement to our outstanding staff.

Overall our year was successful. Some highlights include the launching of our Professional Affiliate Membership category (PAM) is off to a terrific start. As of this writing we’ve topped the 90 member mark. We continue to receive national and international recognition for the work and efforts of RISCPA’s Sustainable Value Committee. Associate Professor at Providence College, Michael Kraten, PhD, CPA, a founding member of the committee, is becoming increasingly in demand as a noted authority in the field. Throughout the professional communities RISCPA’s networking events are indelibly etched on everyone’s calendar.

In collaboration with Atrion Networking Corporation, we launched our Leadership Challenge. Uniquely operating under the auspices of our Center for Business Education (CBE), the program brings forth a fresh new depth and breadth to the adaptation of skills necessary to develop as an effective leader. The program has drawn participants from the banking, insurance, legal and manufacturing arenas. Reviews have been excellent!

Lastly, as we all know, it’s an election year. With that said, it’s important that we all recognize the significance of having a strong society PAC. Advocacy, in many ways, is one of the most important value added components that RISCPA brings to its member family.  Over the years, we’ve accomplished a great deal in helping to promote not only beneficial legislation for the profession, but also to improve the business climate in the Ocean State. Please visit to help the society remain in the forefront on legislative issues of consequence by contributing to RISCPA’s PAC.

Remember, “There’s never been a better time to be a CPA!”

Bob Mancini