AICPA launches “This Way to CPA” for students Oct 2010

In the last issue of What Counts, we brought you a story about the AICPA initiative “Start Here, Go Places,” aimed at those in high school considering a career in accounting.



AICPA Spring Council Addresses IFRS Jul 2010

The race toward a global set of financial reporting standards took center stage at the AICPA’s 2010 Spring Council in May. The chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, Sir David Tweedie, stressed the urgency of adopting a new set of standards that could work across continents, creating a common financial reporting language for an increasingly global market.



RISCPA Members Visit Regional Council Meeting in Manhattan Apr 2010

There was more than enough madness in March to go around. In addition to the chaos of college basketball and the flooding that drowned the state at the end of the month, accountants in particular also find themselves in a flurry of activity this time of year.



Policy Changes for Not-For-Profits Jan 2010

Many Rhode Island not-for-profits are so small that it is difficult to help them understand their fiduciary and fiscal responsibilities, according to Rebeka Mazzone, Liaison Director for RISCPA’s Not-For-Profit Committee and a regional director for Accounting Management Solutions, Inc.



Internal Cross-Training on a Budget Oct 2009

Some large firms – CPA and otherwise – offer a wide array of elaborate employee training opportunities, from educational travel abroad to allowing workers to swap departments within the organization for months or years at a time.



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