AICPA Launches Future of Learning Initiative

Businesses are changing faster now than at any point in modern history — and are becoming ever more complex and globally focused. 

At the same time, major disruptions in education have opened opportunities for professional development in the accounting profession. 

What can the CPA profession do now to ensure we stay at the forefront and are prepared for what’s ahead? How can we improve professional development to ensure that CPAs provide quality services and thrive in a competitive, rapidly evolving global marketplace? 

Future of Learning Task Force

To address these critical topics, the AICPA assembled the Future of Learning Task Force. It is a diverse group of innovative thought leaders in public accounting, industry CPAs, state CPA society leaders, regulators, and educators. In making the case for change, the group examined the impact of globalization, the rise of specialization within the profession, the shifting dynamics of the workplace and the differing expectations that millennial generation CPAs bring to their careers and learning.

From its efforts, the Task Force developed a profession-wide, global learning vision. The task force’s recommendations address a reinvention of lifelong learning and competency in four ways:   

  • Innovate and experiment: Learning, compliance and competency development must evolve to support high-performing professionals who serve the public, employers and clients with unequaled rigor and expertise.
  • Ignite a passion for learning: Create meaningful, purposeful experiences that motivate and engage learners.
  • Make learning personal: For the pursuit of learning to be lifelong, it has to be personal and meaningful. This is achieved by providing relevant learning opportunities that address the knowledge and competency needs of individual learners.
  • Measure what matters: Demonstration of competency and professional development should not be limited to a test result or number of hours. A shift in compliance is necessary so that learning is authentic and relevant, and measures competency, development or performance as ways to help assure CPAs’ high-quality work. 
Explore the full recommendations and insights on the AICPA’s new The Future of Learning site. 

Inspiring Action in the Profession 

No one knows exactly where these many changes will take our profession in the next decade. However, thinking through the implications of the Future of Learning initiative now ensures professional development and delivery stays relevant, and that CPAs not only will acquire professional skills, but remain nimble, insightful and prepared for whatever is to come.

“The Future of Learning site not only gives you an opportunity to learn about the initiative, it is designed to help us all move forward together,” says Susan Breen. “We encourage RISCPA members to visit the site to learn more.”