Task-Based Simulations Test Higher-Order Thinking on New CPA Exam Aug 2016

In April of 2017, there will be significant changes to the CPA exam. Heralded from the Board of Examiners at the AICPA, these changes, as noted on the AICPA website, “place a greater emphasis on testing a candidate’s higher-order cognitive skills.” 



From this CPA’s perspective, investing in students pays off Jun 2016

With an election season in high gear, the issue of public education is sure to emerge as one that candidates – whether running for local school committee, a seat in Congress, or the White House – will look to use to gain favor with voters.



IYRS empowering students to build almost anything Mar 2016

There are gems in Rhode Island – important workings of economic development that breed talent and marketable skills.



Communication remains paramount in techno-driven business world Dec 2015

Given the ever changing landscape in the “real world” of business and accounting – a techno-driven, fast-paced environment where customers demand and expect information and services at the ready –



URI’s humble beginning belies its impact as engine of economic growth Aug 2015

The University of Rhode Island, the state's current Land, Sea and Urban Grant public research institution, had humble beginnings as the state's Agricultural Experiment Station and agricultural school chartered in 1888. 



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